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Please, Someone Stop New Futurama From Ruining Good Futurama

If it weren’t completely and utterly obvious, I love Futurama. It isn’t just because it’s funny, clever, and witty wrapped into playful animations and inside jokes, but also because when I’m watching an episode of Futurama, I’m transported back to 1999 when I would sit cross-legged in the middle of my Dad’s living room with … Continue reading

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My Obligatory Valentine’s Day Post

Ah, Valentine’s day. The very thought of Valentine’s day conjures up images of couples in color coordinated outfits holding hands on their way to P.F. Chang’s for a regulation date that will end with slightly disappointing regulation sex, Russell Stover chocolate boxes grabbed in the express lane of Safeway when last-minute “oh-fuck-my-girlfriend-will-hate-me-unless-I-buy-this-assortment-of-questionable-quality-chocolate-so-I-better-tack-it-onto-my-purchase-of-this-shortcase-of-Bud Light” panic sets … Continue reading