Here and There: Wow, Where Did 2015 Go?

Hi everyone!


Did you forget about me? I would have.


(I mean that honestly)


I am sure, as the season premiere is coming up faster than it feels like it should (is this a sign that I’m old now? Where is time going? I swear yesterday was August), many of you guys are wondering if I will be reviewing the fourth season of Vikings, the show I love to hate as much as I love, the show that makes me scratch my head as much as it makes me cry unceremoniously over my keyboard. The answer?


Well, yes, I intend to. But, but, and there is always a but, I am not sure when I will actually be able to start it. It premieres on the 18th of February (get hyped!) and has a whopping twenty episodes, by far the longest they’ve ordered, and the rub? Well. I’m going to be in Italy for a couple weeks before the second episode starts. It’s a trip that has been in the works for quite a while and I am now trying to find out a way to, logically, provide a review for the season when I’ll be gone for three consecutive episodes.


I’d apologize for the inconvenience, but honestly, I’ll be too busy eating my weight in pasta and drinking wine to be that remorseful. I might post some pictures on here of the adventures (if that is something that would be a salve for your wounds), but otherwise I feel like I am in a bit of a bind. If any of my readers have any ideas on how I can balance it, even if it is just assuring me that yeah, don’t worry, a couple episodes won’t hurt us, I am all ears! You all have been with me for years, I’d love to continue the good vibes.


15 thoughts on “Here and There: Wow, Where Did 2015 Go?

  1. How dare you go on a trip and not do your job of entertaining me with your reviews? You’re an awful person. But! If you eat double of everything for me everything will be forgiven.

    Just kidding, have fun and enjoy your trip, stop stressing about stressing for not being able to write your reviews.

    But seriously, eat everything you can for me. I’ll not be happy if you come back and your clothes still fit you.

  2. Enjoy your trip, will be looking forward to the reviews whenever they may appear. I’m a little worried about what’s in store for Floki though…

  3. Come on! You can squeeze a few thoughts, with all the connectivity! At least watch the homage to all things Viking by watching the cool Death Wish coffee ad on SB50

  4. If you continue to post, I’ll be here to read and comment. Don’t worry about an awesome Italy trip interfering. Review when you catch up. Traveling is more important.

    There are soo many more enemies of your wardrobe than pasta and wine in Italy though :). Can’t forget the pizza and their ‘to die for’ ice cream (gelato). Also desserts like tiramisu and awesome cheese. And if you’re feeling adventurous the many regional specialities. If you’re comfortable posting about your trip here I’d love to read about it.

    I don’t think Vikings will be 20 consecutive episodes though. But one of those popular “split seasons”. We’ll get 10 episodes now (season 4a) then a break and the remaining 10 a little later in the year. So basically, it’ll be like getting two seasons in 2016.

    • Hi Jon! So nice to see you weigh in, even with my super extended absence! And thank you for the perspective lens on my trip – I do still want to review Vikings, I just wanted to give people a heads up that I wouldn’t be able to provide consecutive posts in a row! That said, I am so, so thankful that my more faithful readers will still be around, regardless of when I get to catch up 🙂 it’s you guys that keep me motivated to do the reviews!!

      I think I will! It will depend on how tired we all are with the hectic trip schedule, however, I’m definitely considering keeping everyone updated!

      (Also – having 2 10 episode seasons would be such a relief, review wise!! I am really hoping you’re correct!)

    • Tiramasu is to die for. Trattoria Lisina makes a mean one. If I’m too full there, I always order the tiramasu to go. They have a terrific daily selection of ravioli and I’m always on the lookout for the nights when they serve lobster ravioli with white cream sauce. The mushroom ravioli with brown sauce isn’t bad either.

  5. Well another season, another return to your blog to join the peanut gallery here. Glad you’re back to do another set of reviews – although I’ve already seen tonight’s episode but I’ll wait till you do your review before I start throwing popcorn.


    • I plan on watching and reviewing soon! Expect the first episode to be up over the weekend, just like I did last season. I am really excited to see what sort of journey we have ahead of us (and yes – the popcorn throwing is a must and best done with company). I am so happy to see you back!

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