Viking Season 3 Promo (Insert Excitement!)

All hail Earl Lagertha the Vikings new season promo!



Will you guys be watching?


If all goes well, I’ll be reviewing it despite the deadness of my blog in recent months. Time management has been killer and will have to be tweaked if I’m to pick back up the reins on reviewing, but I must say, I miss talking and musing with all of you! I hope to see you all around and I hope it’s still a rockin’ and rollin’ crazy train of minor/major plotholes, gorgeous set pieces, insanely amazing fight sequences backed by a soundtrack that does.not.quit, and the inconsistent pace that we’ve all come to love and crave.


At any rate, I’m excited to hear about what you’re most excited to hear about. So, tell me! What has you most excited about this season?


9 thoughts on “Viking Season 3 Promo (Insert Excitement!)

  1. So glad your back! As glad as I am to see Vikings! I’ve got everyone I know hooked on the series. Lagertha so rules the world.

  2. She lives! Good to hear you’re still planning on writing about Season 3. Did you ever get to enjoy the extended edition episodes of season 2 on DVD? What am I looking forward too most…hmm. The sacking of Paris is bound to be amazing action piece. But there was also hints of an interesting side-story for Aslaug, Siggy and Helga when all the warriors are out pillaging. It’s bound to be a CRAZY season. Looking forward to musing about it with you all.

    • Yes, I live, I live! Life has been so crazy and so hectic and filled with changes, but that’s all part of growing/being an adult. However, I’m glad that you’ll continue reading! I can’t wait to muse with all of you and talk about everything again 🙂

      I am SO READY for some Viking-grade girl power. It has to be on par with Paris for me. And I did actually get through season 2 on DVD, I really think it benefited from the extra content!

      • If you’ve watched the DVD versions what is your impression of the scene with Ragnar, Aslaug and Lagertha in the same bed then? Just sleep or post-threesome?

        This is a full 2 min trailer for Season 3. Sadly it not the best quality

        Also during the hiatus I learnt of a legend about a meeting between Rollo and King Charles of France that they just HAVE to include on the show somehow if both characters are on the show, it’s comedy gold.

      • I definitely think some hanky panky occurred! We could be totally wrong, but it just seemed like they wanted their possible actions to speak louder than words.

        OH OH, tell me about the legend (and don’t worry about potential spoilers, I’m intrigued!).

        Also, due to early morning wake up times, I’m considering making my posts on Friday nights/Saturdays – it would give me time to digest and thoroughly make write ups without making me a massive grump during Friday mornings. I might miss out on some of the initial clicks, but hopefully people still find their way to HDD all the same (:

      • “Dudo of St. Quentin records an encounter between a party of Danes and King Charles of the Frankish kingdom. In the presence of the king, the Danes were ordered to show their submission by kissing the foot of the king. The leader of the Danes refused. One of his followers complied. But, rather than kneeling to kiss the foot of King Charles, the Dane stood, grabbed the king’s foot, and lifted it up to the level of the Dane’s own head, dragging the king out of his seat and onto the floor. With the king held upside-down, the Dane kissed the foot.”

        According to legend, the leader of the Danes was Rollo and this was to seal the deal for the land that became Normandy. It’s probably not true, but a good story none the less.

  3. Glad you’re still writing! I have a lot of thoughts about the premiere last night, and look forward to reading the review 🙂 Lagertha is awesome, as always.

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