Vikings Hype and Travis Fimmel’s Glorious Beard

It’s pretty easy to forget that once upon a time, Travis Fimmel a.k.a. Tarzan a.k.a. Ragnar Lothbrok used to be a model. And then the world decides to show you what he’s got. And then you remember. And things are glorious.


The editorial continues and he says some words here (it’s actually a very fun read), but I’m too busy admiring such a magnificent mane of hair complemented by such a transfixing beard to copy and paste. Excuse me, I might need a moment.

By the way guys, tomorrow. Are you ready? I can feel it. My snarky fingers are itching to type, my eyes are ready to be rendered dazed by the manliness on screen, my knees are already hurting from bowing down to Queen B Lagertha. What are you guys most looking forward to this season?

Expect the review to be up Friday morning. Same bat time, same bat channel.


2 thoughts on “Vikings Hype and Travis Fimmel’s Glorious Beard

  1. For some reason, I feel like drinking ale out of a ram’s horn and it’s not even 9:00a yet.

    Also, I’m losing a little faith in you when you post a teaser and don’t include a picture of everyone’s favorite Viking — The Floki.

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