This Just In: Katheryn Winnick Is A Queen and Is Vikings Back Yet?


There I was. Surfing the internet. Opening more tabs than my computer can likely handle. And then…and then…this. Suddenly, I light fell down from Valhalla to spew over my laptop screen while burly manchants sounded in the background (I don’t imagine they coo like angel cherub things, so grunts it is!) Can we just talk about how amazing Lagertha looks here? Can we just bask in Katheryn Winnick’s badassery? Can we just take a moment to prepare ourselves for the utter ridiculousness of the next Vikings season?


Here are the other (less impressive, except you Floki. You’re cool) posters:




Is it February 27th yet? Seriously.


11 thoughts on “This Just In: Katheryn Winnick Is A Queen and Is Vikings Back Yet?

      • Other than having his face jack-o-lanterned, he didn’t fare too badly. He rode his brother’s coattails to the top. He made it with Siggy and had a good time being ‘religious,’ which includes the pagan orgy and being baptized. He raped. He pillaged. Sounds like a good ole Viking time to me.

      • Ha! When you put it that way, I guess he really didn’t have too bad of an ascent to power. I think it’ll be interesting to see how his inferiority complex plays put this upcoming season, he and Ragnar will definitely have it out.

  1. Just remembered: Hey VIKINGS is back on Wedensday! They put it on Odinday! Totally not random!

    Then I remembered this little blog who sort of in my mind got closely associated to it last season. Hopefully you’ll keep up the recaps And then start doing recap for all the other shows ever since your style is just awesome.

    For those who ave not seen it yet:


    • Thank you SO MUCH for the kind words! Of course I’ll be reviewing, it wouldn’t be Hot Diggity Daffodil if I didn’t! I’d also love reviewing other shows as well – recommendations are allllways welcome. 😀 I hope to see you during the reviews, it’s sure to be a crazy crazy season.

    • Did you ever notice how each main character in this clip represent a Norse deity? Well, depending on how much you know about them..

      Ragnar = Odin, the All-father. One flaming eye, the ravens and the spear Gugner in his hand.

      Lagertha = Frigg, Odin’s wife and godess of home & hearth. She too had to deal with a constantly unfaithfull husband.

      Athelstan = Tyr, who sacrificed his hand when as a show of trust he placed it in jaws of Fenrir so the wolf would allow himself to be bound.

      Floki = Heimdal, the watcher. The one who sees and who will be the first to announce the coming of Ragnarok.

      Aslaug = Freya, godess of love and fertility, the wings represeting her magical cloak that could transform the wearer into a falcon. Yet, she cries for a missing husband far away on adventures.

      Rollo = Loki, the Betrayer. For his crimes he was bound underground with a snake above him dripping venom in his eyes, he breaks his bond at the coming of Ragnarok ready to do battle with his blood-brother Odin.

      Siggy = Sigyn, Loki’s wife who held a bowl over him to catch the snake’s venom. When she had to turn away to empty the bowl, Loki writhed in pain and the earth quaked.

      And everyone is standing at the root of Yggdrasil, the world tree.

      • Woah! I hadn’t noticed that before but you’re totally right! Also, now that you’ve pointed out the Gods-Character connection, I can’t unsee it. You just took this show to a new dimension of cool!

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