Life Update!

Hey guys, it’s been a while since I’ve updated you guys on my life, other than the complaining that usually occurs before a television review. However, contrary to popular belief, my life really is more than aimless griping. It’s a shocker, I know, but I’ll give you a minute to let that sink in. Good? Alright.


Lately, less and less time has been able to be devoted to this blog. This isn’t a break-up letter, it’s just the facts of life. I plan on returning more of my attention to writing personal things, because I have so many feelings and they end up feeling like a pressure cooker of tension and angst unless I let them out, whether through sass or snark. Anyway, the real reason I haven’t been around very much is due to my burgeoning writing career that is almost brag-worthy (note: for clarification, this post is not bragging, I’m merely updating y’all on my life). I’m a blogger and assistant merchandiser for The Store and I am now a blogger for ShoeRazzi! This should make you all very happy, as it makes me totally ecstatic. I’ve been busy with writing that I enjoy that I actually get paid for. It’s so novel it almost brings a tear to my eye.


I’m considering doing a weekly (or bi-weekly) link post to some of my other work, but I’m torn between keeping my professional writing and personal writing separate or combining them into one giant lovefest. We’ll see how my emotions swing. At any rate, expect to see more of me!


2 thoughts on “Life Update!

  1. Started thinking about The Vikings Season 2 and checked out your blog. I’m looking forward to the show and your comments! Congratulations on your writing gigs!!

    • Thank you so much! I’m pretty stoked to cover the new season, I’m sure it’ll be just as crazy, bloody, and bizarre as the last – the end of February can’t come fast enough 😀

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