A Very Vikings SDCC Round-Up

As if y’all thought you’d be getting your (snarky, slightly critical, always loving) Viking information anywhere else but here. If you didn’t know, most of the cast (read: the people we care most about…minus Bjorn, which is a shame, but seeing as he’s getting a new face, they probably want to keep him a zesty surprise for the next season) held a panel at the San Diego Comic-Con and I managed to stop playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf long enough to obsess over it.

Vikings SDCC

It’s about freaking time you invested more into this blog than passing regret at not updating it.


Jeez, I know, I know I’ve been a bad BlogMother, but life has been busy! I have writing jobs that pay! Sorry, bolded and critical side of my review self, but those take precedent. I still love you. Do you forgive me?

While we definitely don’t forgive you for neglecting us like homework the day before it’s due, we will find it within ourselves to overlook some of your absence if you fill us in on all the juiciest details of the sneak peeks into Season 2 – otherwise it’s no deal.

Well, the actors let slip a lot of juicy little details – where do you want to get started?

((Beware, beware, slight spoilers ahead for Vikings Season 2 – read at your own discretion))

Okay, well. I guess one of the lasting impressions we had from the show is that Ragnar is a cheater cheater-y cheater and will probably start, for lack of a better conglomeration of words roughly translating into a phrase, spreading his seed amongst many fields for different crops of baby-heirs while not realizing that one of his kids at home is dead (remember: DaughterGate has not been announced). How will Lagertha deal with Ragnar’s infidelity?

As crappy as it seems from a modern day perspective, the idea of impregnating a crazy amount of ladies in order to further the family line was hardly taboo in Viking age. Infidelity wasn’t a thing, it was just what dudes and men did in order to make sure that their DNA/name would extend further into history. Males were preferable, of course. That said, I align with Goddess Katheryn Winnick’s perspective: “I think she needs to kick some serious ass.”

Clive Standen joked, saying that “she chose the wrong brother,” but he also brought up a really interesting point in that her sense of identity and pride will be tested. She loves Ragnar, always has, but this is definitely a huge freakin’ rock in the road and she will have to do a little identity searching, lest she become a little loco.

Speaking of Rollo…isn’t he a traitor? I mean, isn’t he planning on betraying Ragnar’s trust in order to further his own name and become an idol in his own right?

Last time we saw Rollo, he was practically making a deal with the devil. His inability to be content in the shadow of his brother has hit the boiling point, and as Clive points out, “Rollo’s very much like a volcano, he’s volatile and could erupt at any time.” He wants his heyday without the Ragnar’s Brother distinction and we’re going to get a glimpse of that in this upcoming season. I’m stoked for the time jump, personally – will he still be ripped? How many naked ladies will he be surrounded by? (Sorry, I don’t mean to have an automatic mental comparison between Rollo and Conan the Barbarian, but you know…shit happens.)

You need to take a really cold shower. Between this and Floki (and Floki’s real life babe brother), I don’t know how you function in society.

What do you mean by function? By all accounts, I’m pretty weird.

Speaking of weird and awkward within society! How’s Siggy doing? Has she dramatically plunged to her death off a cliff or poisoned herself à la Juliet after she realized that her former cushy life is in total tatters, her boyfriend is making questionable social decisions that can potentially lead him to greatness or potentially lead him to death and/or ruin, and her daughter has joined her two sons in death?

While life looks pretty crappy at this point for Siggy, she’s more scrappy than Scooby’s nephew, fights dirtier than Beyonce in Obsessed (a movie on par with Catwoman), and has the makeup of a New Jersey housewife. Do you think she’s going to take this shit storm sitting down? No. She’s gotten too far in life to turn belly up and throw in the towel. Jessalyn Gilsig warns us not to count Siggy out. “She has an identity that exists in the absence of her family, she comes from a tribe that she believes was the legitimate regime. She has an incredible drive — I wanna get back up on that chair and I’ll do whatever I have to to get there.”

Drive aside, it also seems like there is going to be some camaraderie between she and Lagertha post-Ragnar dickfoolery. “Katheryn and I have some great things this year — with Ragnar stepping out on her … their love is so pure and it’s so devastating to her, Siggy’s like “girl, what did you expect? That’s what they do.” Relationships are opportunities [to Siggy].” Although Lagertha deeply loves Ragnar, Siggy will help a girl out with finding her strength (before stabbing her in the back, but you know, do whatcha gotta do).

I don’t know how I feel with the idea of trusting Siggy to lead Lagertha through her time of misery. Sure, both are crazy strong ladies who take shit from no one, but they’re different breeds of badass. Can they coexist?

There might be some headbutting along the way, but I am not totally concerned about the Viking ladies of this series. They’re tough as nails.

I guess. Speaking of families, kids, and having issues coexisting with a foreign, terrifying new terrain…how’s Athelstan?


According to George, Athelstan is going to be rife with internal conflict this upcoming season. He’s still battling his faith versus surviving, he is still an extremely deeply religious person (as monks are wont to be) and he’s confronted with the pressure and desire to become a full-fledged Viking. At the same time, he knows that doing so would compromise his faith that he has fought so long to keep near and dear to him. “The most interesting characters to play are ones with deep conflict,” it just wouldn’t be Athelstan without attempting to shave his scalp with a blade and hiding his Bible beneath the floorboards.

I’m personally glad they’re keeping him naïve and sensitive. Anyone who needs two months to grow out a decent amount of scruff needs a pass, in my book.

Where there’s Athelstan, there’s also Floki, who is on the exact opposite side of the religion scale. He lives and breathes his Viking religion, I’m pretty sure the gods talk to him, too (it’d account for the lunacy, at least). He’s still around, right? I mean, for your sake, I hope so.

Yes, he is still alive and being strange (it’s not like I have a tumblr dedicated to his exotic eyeliner patterns and oddities, get your facts straight), but not much was said about him during the panel which BETTER NOT MEAN HE DIES. I will say this right now, I will abandon Vikings like a bad egg salad if they kill him off. He and his guyliner are sacred works of art.


It is pretty impressive.


File that under “understatement of the century.”

Also, is there a possibility for me to hang on-set with these fellows? They’re great. “Together as a cast, there’s so much to do in Ireland, we tend to go out drinking. We’ll all go swimming, it’s an incredible place to go hiking.” Beer? Beautiful scenery? Hiking? This might just be heaven.

Source (because maybe my summation wasn’t good enough and you need it all first hand): HuffingtonPost

BONUS: the trailer for Season 2!

Impressions? Thoughts? Feelings? Lingering rage from the season finale that you want to express? Discuss in the comments, my lovely blood spattered and war obsessed flowers.


3 thoughts on “A Very Vikings SDCC Round-Up

  1. We’ll see, won’t we? Lagertha had better be preparing for herself life without Ragnar– if the writers actually follow the legend. I’d say Clive is right, she did choose the wrong brother.
    Season One was so fantastic I’m praying they don’t pull a boner in Season Two and lose the fans. Hopefully the writers can sustain the momentum.
    And yeah, Floki is the show in some weird way. Gotta love those Skarsgard boys.

  2. Ooh, I can’t wait for Season Two!!! Thanks for all of these Vikings posts–I love your humor!

    I think they’re trying to capture Floki in the preview to deprive Ragnar of his master builder/gain one for themselves. Also, wouldn’t it be interesting if Athelstan was taken prisoner during a raid by his former countrymen, tried, was about to be executed as an apostate and then was rescued by Ragnar? It would be a total reversal of fortunes that would really mess with the monk’s poor head, and *might* just redeem Ragnar a wee bit. I’m gunning for it.

    • I know it’s incredibly late, but thank you for the compliment! I hope to deliver a couple chuckles during next season as well.

      I’m actually really excited to see how Athelstan develops – if he were to be recaptured it would be AMAZING. I wonder if he’s still a taaad bit bitter that Ragnar nearly got him killed? We never really saw his reaction, well..other than bafflement. I think Ragnar will be really tried this season, but I don’t really see him owning up to some of his dickier moments. We’ll have to see!

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