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The More You Know: Speedos, Mother Nature, and a Very Vikings Season 2 Update (!!)

  • Ladies and gents, meet Vikings season 2’s new Bjorn! This means a pretty sizable time jump will occur between where we left off and where the new season will start up, unless Vikings actually did inexplicably jump ahead ten years in age the millisecond they hit puberty. I like my theory.
  • We live in a culture obsessed with mutants getting it on with each other. No, unfortunately, our world hasn’t turned into an AU universe for X-Men, I’m talking about athletes (super human in their affinity for being sporty) and models (way to beautiful not to be slightly radioactive) bedroom bonding – us Normies just can’t get enough of it, we’re instantly transfixed by the copulation of freaky genetics. Giselle and Tom, Brooklyn and Andy, Adriana and Marko, Irina and Cristiano… the list goes on. This fascination is probably why it’s newsworthy that Kate Upton and Blake Griffen were seen holding hands and canoodling in NYC.
  • Did any of you want to spend $29,723.00 on a totally-not-a-waste-of-your-money, high fashion, astrological sign themed, Swarovski embellished gown? Yeah? Well, cool! You’re in luck.
  • I’m okay with American men not wearing Speedos. Slate, apparently, disagrees.
  • Wait, you mean my plan to run away on foot from a tsunami isn’t a good idea? Damn. Back to the drawing board!

Also, I’m sorry I’ve been absent. Life and other writing has been clouding my creativity and hilariousness – but I promise I’ll start posting more in the future. If you’d like to keep up with some of my other writing, like my Facebook page. If you’d like to see me blog about/talk about/be judgmental about anything happening in the world, drop me a line, I will try my best to comply. Thanks for your continued/amazing support of HDD!


4 thoughts on “The More You Know: Speedos, Mother Nature, and a Very Vikings Season 2 Update (!!)

  1. Oh! That’s the Good Seasons guy! Look up their dressing commercials. Men should never ever ever for all eternity wear Speedos. Nothing turns me off more and I don’t care how much you got down there.
    Bjorn! Say it ain’t so! No, wait, I knew this would become a time traveling paranormal romance. It’s that pregnant witch girl. She did it.

    • If Vikings actually did turn into a time traveling paranormal romance, it’d still make more sense than the last season of Lost! (I’d still watch it avidly, though haha) I wonder how quickly Bjorn will be getting a VikingLadyLoveInterest. I’ll give it….two episodes.

      • He will probably challenge his father because he’s gonna be pissed off – especially if they stick to the facts – the real history. Lagertha will always be my fave.

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