The More You Know: Models Shouldn’t Make Music and the Start of March Madness


  • Abbey Lee Kershaw, cyst on the modeling world and “musician” released a song called IV Horses with her band Our Mountain. To give you an indication of what it sounds like, I’d put it below Yung Rapunxel on the quality scale, and we all know how I felt about that atrocity. The real crime, even though the noise is pretty deafening, is the video, supposedly showcasing “honest reflections of the material and physical structure of human organisms,” because people can get by with making shitty music as long as they make a dumb video and label it art. If you’d like to view it yourself and have your youtube recommended videos to be pervaded with horse sex like mine is after that, here is it. Warning, extremely NSFL.
  •  Halter dresses are coming back for spring. Now this is a trend I can get behind.
  • Lindsay Lohan celebrated her 90 day rehabilitation sentence by partying. Sad.
  • Keira Knightley is going to star in a short film about Coco Chanel directed by Karl Lagerfeld, because even if Keira looks nothing like Coco, she’s white and has dark hair—that’s close enough.
  • March Madness starts today, for everyone interested.  We already talked about the terrible, terrible new uniforms, which would be enough to turn anyone off of basketball for good if they weren’t prepared to be visually assaulted, but just in case basketball really isn’t your thing, the BF posted a pretty hilarious guide for the indifferent NCAA tournament viewer. You’re pretty much set.
  • Emma Watson’s new movie directed by Sofia Coppola called The Bling Ring looks endlessly horrible. Since you’re masochistic, here’s the trailer:

  • The Hobbit is on DVD and Blueray today. Ready your wallets! (I still need to see this film).

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