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The More You Know: Fashion Racism, Conspicuous Consuption, and the New Relevance of Dennis Rodman

  • Never fear fashionophiles, I’m working on a small recap of Paris Fashion Week for later in the week. For that entry, I’m scoping out the latest shows, yet I’m distracted. The whitewashing and racism of high fashion has come back into the conversation after a completely and utterly tasteless editorial was published by French powerhouse Numero, featuring “the American [read: white] model Ondria Hardin posing as an ‘African queen,’ her skin painted in black,” and the lack of color on the runways has become glaringly obvious. Sure, you can issue half-apologies and swear that you aren’t racist because you totally do use black models sometimes, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t, well…racist as hell. It isn’t as if I can combat racial discrimination in the fashion world from my couch, I just think it’s equal parts sad and pathetic. What’s next? Minstrel fashion shows?
  • Mario Balotelli has ordered a life-size statue of himself. It will be eine Mischung of classical and pop styles, cast “in platinum and coloured bronze with the eyes made of precious stones.” This story got a lot less creepy when I realized they weren’t talking about Mario Batali, but about a self-centered Italian footballer.


  • Sometimes the world is better when certain Hollywood films get canned before or during production, this is my only thought as I look at the would-be Thing and Dr. Doom from a film that never came to fruition. I haven’t been this relieved that a movie was never made since I saw those pictures of Nic Cage as Superman. I’m still having nightmares about that receding hairline.
  • In today’s news that everyone already knew about me, I hate Tom Brady. I just hate him so much.
  • The mock-Dior ads everyone is making in honor of the fall seen ‘round the world, brought to us by Jennifer Lawrence, look way way better than actual Dior ads. I wish I fell as gracefully as that.
  • Queen Beyonce made a pair of insanely unimpressive shoes use the skin of five different animals. My only issue is that animals died to make something that ugly.

One thought on “The More You Know: Fashion Racism, Conspicuous Consuption, and the New Relevance of Dennis Rodman

  1. Dennis Rodman played an integral role in my formative years as a basketball viewer/player. Because I was lanky, uncoordinated, and unskilled at shooting, I always admired his rebounding tenacity (actually, let’s call it what it was: genius) and his emphasis on “hustle.” As a sheltered suburban kid, his off-the-court life and insistence on coloring his hair different ice-cream hues scared the tar out of me. He was the smartest guy in the room, if the smartest guy in the room would kick you in the groin for no discernible reason

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