The More You Know: Obligatory Oscar Madness, Pirating, and Ryan Lochte’s Very Own TV Show




  • Deadspin compiled the themes you must have in your next movie if you want it to be successful in Oscarland. CAN I GET…RAINSTORM, MAIN CHARACTER DIES, AND COMPASSION FOR BEST PICTURE? I am, of course, talking about All Dogs Go to Heaven. That movie emotionally moved kid-me, it wasn’t until I grew up that I realized it was horrible, and maybe it’s impossible to nominate a movie 20 some odd years after it was made. Hey, though, if Crash won three Oscars, anything can happen.


  • Ex-Canadian ambassador Ken Taylor doesn’t like Argo because it’s too Amurrikan. From what it looks like, he has a point.


  • Apparently Rome’s Trevi fountain is in such disrepair that it is “crumbling” and “showing signs of deterioration.” Never fear, Fendi is here to save the day. The proudly Italian brand is pledging €2.42 (~$3.19) million dollars to make sure that Rome’s iconic fountains don’t collapse. I can’t imagine how a city so proud of itself allowed something as famous, not to mention a huuuge huge huge tourist site, come to a point where private donors are needed to fund restoration. And as I type this I remember the state of the Italian economy. Right. Sad.



  • Nate Silver has his Oscar Predictions up, which means we all now know the winners because he’s a wizard.


  • I might be behind in the times (likely), but I didn’t know that Ryan Lochte was getting his own E! television show called “What Would Ryan Lochte Do?”. Is this going to be really, really, embarrassingly bad? Jeah!



  • A site that runs on sharing copyrighted material is suing someone else because they’re copying their format. It is also hilarious in reverse: a site that’s supposed to fight copyright violations is violating copyright. Team ThePirateBay!



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