The More You Know: Cowboy Dickery, Terry Richardson Creepery, and Hollywood Bullshittery

  • Charlotte Free, the model who is dating her half-brother, is defending Terry Richardson. This surprises no one, as she is a creepy McCreeperson, and of course she would defend sexual harassment and abuse. A+
  • Did I need another reason to vehemently dislike the Dallas Cowboys? Nope, but I got one. The Dallas Cowboys’ now have a $2 million luxury tour bus named “The Elegant Lady,” which has, among other things, TVs, marble countertops, and Tiffany embellishments. Uuuuggghhhh.
  • It seems like just yesterday, Kim Kardashian announced she was pregnant. She’s now freaking out about her weight because it sorta-kinda looks like she swallowed an entire football team and calling foul because she didn’t think baby weight gain would “be this extreme.” I didn’t know women gained weight when they were pregnant, this is a scientific revelation. Alert Oslo, we’ve got a Nobel nominee.
  • Speaking of science, researchers are well on the way to creating an anti-alcohol pill, that takes you from waterlogged to dry, drunky-drunk to upsettingly sober, in no time. io9 has an article about it in laymen’s terms. I can’t see how this will be horribly abused at all.
  • Amanda Seyfried has and knows about her super questionable taste in guys, preferring them “broken” because it fills her with a need to “chase or fix.” I understand where she’s coming from with the ~hot bad boy~ appeal, but why are well-adjusted people seen as boring…? Seriously, if you want someone you can train and fix, go to the local pound and adopt a pet, because if you’re about to be in a romantic relationship with someone the first thought shouldn’t be “how I can change them for the better.” This would explain her attraction to Ryan Phillippe, though.

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