The More You Know: Kitty Litter, Weaning, and Hollywood’s Love of Shitty Sequels.

  • Everyone can sleep well tonight, Bing Bang Theory actress Mayim Bialik, holder of a PhD in neuroscience, let the breastfeeding cat out of the bag when she announced that her 4-year-old son Fred has “officially weaned from extended breastfeeding.” It’s a pretty bizarre read.
  • Madonna now is on instagram. I wonder how long it will take for Gaga fans to jump on her. Oh—turns out, not long at all.
  • The super hip brand Vena Cava made a fashion film making fun of fashion films, hipsters and the bizarre realities that said films portray (what, you mean, you don’t walk around the woods in stiletto heels, tying bows onto yew trees while being serenaded by doves? Oh.).
  • Beware, beware! If you are a redhead, chances are that life will be unfair. No, it’s not because humanity will either deem you soulless or a sexpot (if you’re hot and female, that is), it’s because you can get kicked out of school, at least in Utah, for the dying your hair the color of Satan.
  • Vivienne Jolie-Pitt, age four, earned $3k a week for her bit part in the movie Maleficent, where she plays the baby version of Elle Fanning’s Princess Aurora, making her earn more three-thousand times as much as post-college grads do in their unpaid internships. Commence crying in 3…2…..
  • After the longest game of hide and seek ever, Richard III was found under a parking lot. Richard Armitage, seeming to sense the injustice of ol’ Richie being ignored and wanting to shine a light on his namesake, regardless of how freakin’ weird it is to name your kid after Richard III—might as well name him “Caligula” and see how his life turns out, has told the media that he’s interested in bringing the notoriously twisted king to life in a film or on stage. With a little help from Shakespeare, of course! I’d watch it.

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