The More You Know: Incestuous Models, Feline Fixation, and Questionable Advertising.

  • Prabal Gurung’s collection for Target makes me wish that I dressed like a pre-teen camouflaging themselves into a garden party, presumably to either feel one with nature or to take out the local popular girl that didn’t invite the pre-teen to her sweet sixteen party. I think I’ll save up some cash for a few pieces—oh, come to me cheap polyester!
  • The internet has spoken and Monopoly has retired the iron token in favor for a cat token. The cat beat out a guitar, a diameownd ring, a helicopter and a robot with a meowstache.
  • Charlotte Free, a model known for licking her hairy armpit and pink hair in the shade of “molting flamingo,” is rumored to be dating and doing her “half-brother,” Gryphon O’Shea. She deleted the original tumblr post, so it’s a good thing Terry Richardson caught it all on film, because there’s no way they’ll regret that decision later in life if it proves to be true.
  • Triscuit flavors have been ranked. It’s almost enough to make me forget my breakfast food coma and reach for my own box of dill-flavored goodness. Next, a ranking of toppings?
  • Marc Jacobs is turning away from his illicit drug vices and is now using sex/fashion to plug the legal kind of Coke. Diet Coke.

  • Lil’ Kim has a new face and it’s totally natural just like the rest of her, so stop your judging.
  • Lady Gaga reportedly has a very tame dressing room requests. If I were super famous, I’d have a dressing room filled with puppies, a bar of Ritter Sport bars, a tea collection that would make a stuffy old British man jealous, fast wi-fi, a comfy sleep-vapor filled couch, never-ending supply of NYT Crosswords, some other stuff, microbrews, a personal on-call chef that would kill all the food I wanted with his/her bare hands—including vegetables and fruits, KITTENS, some sort of exercise thing, mondo supply of books, a Do Not Disturb sign……..and wine. How about you all?

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