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Civil War Preview: Introduction

It’s absurd that the two teams in Oregon share a rivalry, the 7th oldest in the nation, named after a gruesome war that claimed around a quarter of million lives: a war that the state was negligibly involved in. There is no way calling a football game the “Civil War” would fly in SEC country. While political correctness can go too far sometimes, the name is truly inexcusable.

That said, as someone who grew up within a few miles the OSU campus but went to college at the University of Oregon, I love the Civil War. It may not be the most historically significant game, or even the most competently played, but there is enough animosity between the sides to make the emotional investment worthwhile. Of course, if you’re not from the state of Oregon, there’s little reason for you to “care” about this game. I’m not going to try and make you care; I’m going to tell you which team you should, objectively, root for. It’s a nuanced difference.

Each day this week, starting with today’s entry about late-night food, I’ll be highlighting the aspects of the rivalry that are absolutely irrelevant to the game itself but essential in determining which school and city is superior. At the end of the week, the team with the most points “wins.” Which I’m pretty sure is how football works.


Monday: Midnight Snacks for Drunken Packs

Tuesday: Parks and Recreation

Wednesday: Whose Jersey Would an Early-2000s Rapper Want?

Thursday: Bars. Bars? Bars!

Friday: Autzen vs. Reser


5 thoughts on “Civil War Preview: Introduction

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